Our technology automatically organizes all your photos and files into personalized categories in an instant.


Technology that continuously grows with your family.


Better Search

Have you ever thought of a specific photo or video that you can’t locate quickly?

You can now easily search all of your pictures and files to find anything; like a family recipe, report card, etc…


It’s your data and we’ll keep it that way. That’s our policy and our promise.

It’s that simple.

Curated Albums

Access to all your pictures and share them easily and privately!

Together Forever

Create an open sharing album/category.

All your shared albums organized for you both!


Enjoy and reminisce about your life’s journey now and for generations to come.

Uploading Made Easy

Step 1: Registration – All About YOU
Step 2: “Easy Button” – We’ll upload your photos and files from your phone, PC/laptop, SD cards, etc… Bringing it into one place your private cloud storage.
Step 3: Sit back and Relax! We’ll get you organized! Enjoy and Share!
Step 4: “Easy Button” upload (recommended weekly). *the Beta/MVP version 

Duplicates and Storage

No More Duplicates! With Kinstak’s smart technology it will identify dups and consolidate to the best quality.

No storage creeping costs and you keep the original/raw photo size.

It’s MORE than an App

It’s a WEB-APPLICATION you access on your phone or tablet (looks and feels like an app); or via your web portal from your PC/laptop.

The BEST and easiest way to access your photos and files from any device, anywhere, anytime!

Founder & Parent

Carolyn was visiting family whom she had not seen for years and wanted to share a few pictures of her kids and family. But her phone had so many pictures it was hard to find and show the pictures she wanted to share at that very moment (e.g. her wedding, the kids past few birthdays, the new dog, and their last 2 vacations).

She ended up scrolling through hundreds of pictures. She started to see all the flaws with how we stored and organized our photos and personal data. With over a decade of experience in advanced analytics, big data, and cloud technologies, she brings a unique perspective that advocates data privacy and responsible AI. Kinstak created by a Parent for Parents.

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It’s never been easier to search and share pictures privately with family and friends.

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