Founder & Military Family Member & Parent

Carolyn was adopted and grew up not knowing much about her family. That is why when she started her family she wanted a way to build a private cloud storage system for her children to capture their stories and have a digital legacy.

Her adopted mother Major Joan M. Wells, MM (ret.) US Airforce; was a powerful influence on Carolyn.

Joan’s story has lived on within her family only by Carolyn sharing stories and photos with her children. She shares what she knows about Joan’s service and how she paved the way for many other aspiring women leaders. However, many of Joan’s stories were lost when she passed away unexpectedly in 1999 when Carolyn was only 24 years old.

Carolyn believes with today’s technology there is a better way to store, organize, find, and share, files, and photos with friends and family for generations to come.

Her background in Big Data and Analytics has helped her in creating Kinstak to provide Military Family’s with an easy and affordable way to store, organize, find, and share their digital legacy.


Our technology automatically organizes all your photos and files into personalized categories.

Never build a File Folder Again!


Technology that continuously grows with your family.


Better Search

Have you ever thought of a specific photo or file that you can’t locate quickly?

You can now easily search by a child’s name or a specific event; like a picture, your spouse took 7 yrs ago (you think..?) when you were at Disney World, or a transcript, report card, etc…


It’s your data and we’ll keep it that way. That’s our policy and our promise.

It’s that simple.

Curated Categories

Access to ALL your photos and files, share them easily and privately!

Together Forever

All your data is organized for you and your family!


Enjoy and revisit your life’s journey for generations to come.

Uploading Made Easy

Step 1: Registration
Step 2: “Easy Upload” – Drag and Drop to upload your photos and files from your phone, PC/laptop, external Hard Drive, etc… Bringing it into one place within your private cloud storage container.
Step 3: Complete your personalized questionnaire and we’ll get you organized!

Data Sizer TM

Kinstak’s special Data Sizer will provide visibility into the right storage size for you and your family.

Duplicates and Storage

No More Duplicates! With Kinstak’s smart technology it will identify dups and consolidate them to the best quality.

No storage creeping costs and you keep the original/raw photo size.

An efficient, secure, and easy way for Military Families to access their photos and files from any device, anywhere, anytime!

Who Can Join?

U.S. Military Members and Veterans, Pre-Commissioned Officers, and their Family Members.

We offer our solutions to U.S. military members and their spouses, as well as their children.

We’re committed to providing our users with exceptional service.

military family coloage


Military families sacrifice their lives, and their families are often uprooted and relocated to faraway places stateside and aboard.


They deserve a digital cloud container that can move with them that is reliable, safe, ogranized, and accessible.

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